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Control ROV GNOM from your computer
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CE Certification 2016
Conformity certificate № 161299065


ROV - GNOM Standard, Model C-4-150-1-02

The Gnom Standard is a basic model of compact ROVs Gnom. It has small size, thin umbilical cable and very high manoeuvring capability which allows operating in hard-to-reach places including inside sunken wrecks

ROV Gnom Standard is intended for inspection of any underwater objects such as wrecks, ship underwater parts, propellers and different underwater constructions.
The vehicle has horizontal and vertical thrusters and can move underwater in all directions.
The vehicle is operated from the surface control unit via thin umbilical cable using joystick based on video and data from depth sensor on a TV screen.
Maximum operation depth is 150 m.

The ROV has a tiny color camera.
Two clusters of ultra-bright LEDs are installed at both sides of the vehicle.
The vehicle can be connected to video display, TV or/and video recorder via standard cable. 110 -230VAC power supply or battery can be used.
Maximum power consumption is 200 Watt. Battery operation (12 Ah) is more than 1 hour.
The size of operating area is limited by cable length (70 m in basic set). It is possible to increase the cable length up to 150 m.
The video camera together with lights provides 15-20 m daylight visibility in the transparent water. Maximum 3-4 m visibility can be reached during the night.
LCD display ot videorecorder can be installed upon request

3 magnetically coupled thrusters (2 x horizontal forced, 1 x vertical)
Operating depth up to 150 m
Cruising speed up to 3 knots
Ultra thin flexible Kevlar umbilical cable (4mm), up to 150 m long
Color camera SONY Super HAD CCD 1/3", 700 TV Lines, 0.1 lux and surface module of color rendering control
Two clusters of 14 ultra-bright LEDs (variable intensity)
Depth sensor with accuracy 0.1 m (on-screen overlay, auto-depth mode)
Data display
Power supply 110 - 230VAC or 12VDC battery
Total power consumption 200 Watt
ROV weight: 3 kg, total system weight: 18 kg
ROV dimensions: 310x180x150 mm
Vehicle has slight positive buoyancy, controlled by adding metal weights
ROV warranty (except connecting cable and propellers) is 2 years.

Basic complete set:

- 4 thrusters (2 x horizontal, 2 x vertical)
- protection polypropylene frame
- color camera Sony 1/3" Super HAD 2 CCD, 700 TV lines, 0.3 lux
- camera tilt servo ±50°
- 4 cluster LEDs (variable intensity)
- compass, depth sensor (on-screen overlay, autoguide mode, autodepth mode)
- tether neutral buoyancy 100m (up to 250 m. diam 4 mm)
- hand reel with slip ring
- surface control/power supply unit 230VAC, monitor LCD TFT 15", waterproof case integrated
- joystick, cable connectors set, spare parts, owners manual
- 2 waterproof cases

Code: 0002

Producer: VFtech spol. s r.o.

Waranty: 24 months

Stock: Made to order

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Price on request:
ROV - GNOM Standard, Model C-4-150-1-02
ROV - GNOM Standard, Model C-4-150-1-02
ROV - GNOM Standard, Model C-4-150-1-02
ROV - GNOM Standard, Model C-4-150-1-02
ROV - GNOM Standard, Model C-4-150-1-02
ROV - GNOM Standard, Model C-4-150-1-02
ROV - GNOM Standard, Model C-4-150-1-02
ROV - GNOM Standard, Model C-4-150-1-02
Files to download
ROV - GNOM Standard Manual Download - ROV - GNOM Standard Manual
Maximum Operating depth up to 150 m
Dimensions (LxWxH) 350 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm
Weight in air / total system weight 3 kg / 12 kg
Thrusters 3 magnetically coupled DC motors
Cruising speed up to 2 knots
Thrust Forward 2 kgf
Thrust Vertical 1 kgf
Payload 0.3 kg
Vehicle Protection two skids

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